The work of the Association


At present the main focus of the work of the AECLJ is the organisation of an annual conference to address issues which are of concern to judges and to share experiences and to discuss concerns.  The conference also provides an opportunity  for judges who may have little or no experience in the application of European competition law (but who are called upon to decide competition cases) to meet and learn from others who are specialists in the field.

A second and more long term objective of the AECLJ, (as and when funding becomes available) is the creation of a database of judgments in the competition law field from each of the Member States to provide a readily accessible body of relevant materials for Members.

The AECLJ has to date held twelve conferences: in Luxembourg (2002, 2003), Paris (2004), London (2005), Berlin (2006), Rotterdam and the Hague (2007), Malta (2008), Rome (2009), Athens (2010), Dublin (2011), and Helsinki (2012). The most recent conference was held in June 2013 in Luxembourg.

The AECLJ has also worked in partnership with the OECD with regard to the organisation of conferences at the OECD regional headquarters in Budapest.